Maturu Kirby Academy began in 2007 to address the poor level of education in the area. Most of the children attending are from families of subsistence farmers. The school has been consistently achieving very good results in the state run exams.

The Story of how Maturu Kirby Academy began

The school is now run by Sammy. In the beginning Sammy’s parents, both qualified teachers, noticed a need for better education in their area. They started to informally teach some of the children under a tree outside their church. The numbers grew and they stopped. The parents and children went to their house demanding that they keep going. So they began to teach them in what little rooms they had.

The dining room was split in two, one teacher would face one direction and  another in the opposite to carry out literally back-to-back classes. Even the bedroom still shows marks on its wall where the blackboard used to sit.

As numbers continued to grow, they decided to build what they could to make a new school on 2 acres of land. This was registered as a formal primary school and teachers were employed. Still half the classes were being held outside. Africa Direct assisted them to build another 2 classrooms.

The children still go for their lunch at the family’s house, standing in a neat line out the back of the small kitchen and sitting under the garden’s trees to eat.



Now they have a baby class, middle class and pre-unit for Early Childhood Education (ECD), and Standard one to Seven classes for Primary education. Since the start of 2015 they have 220 pupils, 17 starting this year and 26 will sit their final exams (KCPE) in 2016. There are 8 primary school teachers and 4 ECD teachers.

17 pupils graduated last year (2014) in the National-Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE), passing with a mean score of 311.75 out of 500 (far above national average). All are going onto secondary school education. Once children have graduated those that cannot afford further education receive sponsorship and follow-ups are carried out to ensure the children are getting on well in their new school.


All children are given two meals a day cooked from the family kitchen.

Africa Direct & Maturu Kirby Academy


Funded the building of 1 classroom June- July 2013


Funded the building of a 2nd classroom- August- September 2013


currently building another classroom