Volunteering Overseas

Africa Direct is a non commercial, all voluntary organisation.  The money you fundraise is sent with you to the project. You can also fundraise for your travel expenses, so you can contribute your time and effort without also being out of pocket. We have a 60/40 policy which states that 60% of all fundraising done in the name of Africa Direct must go directly to the projects. Some people opt to pay for their own travel expenses.

Short term volunteering is not facilitated by the large Irish Charities so it has fallen to mainly commercial organisations to facilitate short term placements. However these are profit making and only a small and unknown part of the money you pay gets to the project.

We organise individual and group volunteer trips. Last year a group of volunteers went to Kitale. Any group volunteer trips will be posted in our Overseas Volunteering page. For all our volunteer positions, especially individual volunteers, we do not create job positions for people to apply to fill, instead we contact you to find out your skills , interests and hopes, then we approach our partners to find the most suitable place for you to go.

Africa Direct can facilitate you to work on projects for periods of one or two weeks or longer. For this you must raise funds to support the project and to cover basic accommodation, meals & travel. Africa Direct will support you with sponsorship cards and fundraising material.

You bring and present the funds You have raised Directly to the projects in Africa

What you must do

We need short term volunteers to fundraise for the project to which they are going. However, the benefit is you can also fundraise for your travel expenses. The requirement is to raise €850 for the first week and €200 per extra week. This money will all be transferred in full to the project when you visit. In addition to being valuable funding for the project it will cover basic accommodation and meals. Living conditions may be basic.Travel and other costs, for which you can fundraise, are additional to this. Flights to Nairobi are about €700, vaccinations you may already have if not they can cost around €300, plus insurance and visa. The minimum age for volunteers is 21.

Can you make a contribution in a few weeks?

You can make a contribution. We realise that in short term volunteering by the time you are settled in & can find your own way you are gone again so you place a lot of demands on the project. To make it worthwhile for our partners to take you on for a short period we ask you to fundraise for the project. These funds will go in full to the project you work on and will be a big help to the project.

A Life Changing Experience for you to bring Home and Share

You will experience poverty but you will also experience happiness, people happy with the little they have and thankful for any opportunity to improve.

Every now and then I had to stop to look around me to realise where I was as these children were so happy, well mannered and appreciated every minute you spent with them.

You will appreciate how well off you are. You will learn how so little money can do so much in developing countries. Hopefully you will bring the message home of great people with great pride and happiness even in dire poverty who can be helped with a small sharing of our wealth and are so much worth helping.

Please Contact Us if you would like to go volunteering overseas or for further information.