In 2014 Africa Direct held its first trip to ETHIOPIA consisting of 10 days in total with 6 days trekking in the stunning Wollo Highlands. Our itinerary took us in and out via Addis Ababa where the oldest human remains are kept in the National Museum. We also visited the famous underground Christian Churches in Lallibella as well as boating on the Lake Tana the source of the Blue Nile near Bahir Dar.

The trekking was organised with a local community based group who have constructed Ethiopian ‘Tukals’ or huts, funded by Irish Aid, where the group stayed each night during the trek. The Trek comprised of approximately 22 km per day at altitudes up to 3.400m. The pace was reasonable with the local herdsmen bringing donkeys to carry the baggage.

The Ethiopian people are noted for their friendliness and the hospitality received in the Highland villages each night was exceptional. A fire would be lit for cooking and comfort and local singers would gladly join in the fun.