This June a group of Africa Direct volunteers will be working in Kitale, Northwest Kenya, alongside our partner the Good Shepherd Sisters Kitale. This is the forth trip of its kind, with the previous years’ groups having great success (see the pictures and stories in the documents at the bottom of this page).

The trip will take place from 17th June to 30th June. The cost is €1680 for 2 weeks if paying in full by yourself and €1980 if fundraising (the details are broken down in ‘Application & Fundraising’ link below). Living with the Sisters means savings so we can deliver maximum funds raised into projects. Mixing and working with the community is more fun than productive, it’s those funds you bring that make the long-term difference.

Since 2012 150 mud houses have been completed at the low cost of €200 each. Due to these improvements in housing there has been a great improvement in life of the community with better health conditions, more space within the houses, people feel proud to be part of this community and to show you their home. A description of the projects you will see can be found below in ‘Learn more about the project and Kipsongo village’. (More about the projects can also be found in the link below or on our partner’s page: Good Shepherd Sisters Kitale )

For further information contact us through email ( or phone (021 4806425) or facebook

Every day of the trip was something new to experience. very compact trip, I felt we got to see and experience as much as possible in the short two weeks we were in Kenya
Joanne Flanagan
I most enjoyed the fun we had. The women and children (of Kipsongo) are so happy with their lot. The pride they had in what they have achieved so far
Mary Harris
I am delighted that i volunteered with Africa Direct. I really enjoyed my visit to Kenya and sharing the experience with co-volunteers
Brendan Balfe