Deirdre Sheehan is currently on work placement in Kenya for 6 months. She has been there since mid March ans tracks her first experience in a developing country with beautiful honesty in her blog:

Every year Africa Direct offer placement to student’s studying International Development and Food Policy BSc in University College Cork. The student spends most of their time working on the ground with our partners in Africa. The placement is a valuable experience for the student to see the theory they have been learning for the last 3 years in practice, whilst also providing Africa Direct with important feedback on how work is going on the ground and assisting our African partners in their every day activities. We are happy to have Deirdre as our placement student, and she has been getting stuck in to activities already!

Check out her great blog

Video and photo footage to be coming soon

Deirdre has been working with our partner, the Good Shepherd Sisters ,in Kitale, north-west Kenya, since March 15th. She is already getting stuck into writing reports and creating workshops, on top of experiencing a developing country for the first time. In June she will travel to another partner, Songa Mbele na Masomo, in Nairobi. Here she will work until August with the only school for children with special needs within the Mukuru Slums (with a population of over 500,000).