How you can participate

New members are always welcome & there are many ways in which you can get involved.

It’s nice to see where your fundraising goes and even better to be able to discuss the benefits of the projects and to keep in touch with those that are supported. You can contribute whatever time you have available. There is always a job to suit you. Some work every day, others do a few hours a week.

The members do the fundraising and the members decide on the projects to be supported. Just start coming to our meetings. Members have access to inspect all accounts.


If you want to give time, whether it is an hour a day, one day a week, or even 2 hours over the next month, try out our new Donate Some Time form. Just let us know how much time you can give, if there is a particular event or activity you would like to give your time too, or a specific skill you think you can offer and we will contact you with what you can do.

Give time to make our fundraising events: create an itinerary for the annual sponsored climbs, hang out signs for the Cork Harbour Cycle, book the venue for quiz nights, prepare the songs for choral singing, create some Easter hampers for raffling or gather a group of skydivers.

Offer a skill: manage the Facebook page, create a newsletter, update the website, create a video, write funding proposals or research new project ideas for in Ireland and in Africa.

However little or big you think you have to give, everyone has something to offer.

We are an Organisation run by a Membership of Volunteers

Members run Africa Direct through the Executive Committee which is elected at the Annual General Meeting at which all members have a vote. For accountability and transparency accounts are open to members.

Our members can avail of training courses on Development Issues run by Dtalk, the training arm of Kimmage Development Studies Centre. See

Becoming a Member

The first step to becoming a member is to join the Activities Committee and participate in the work of Africa Direct. Once you find your niche and demonstrate a commitment to the objectives of Africa Direct over a period of months you will be able to apply for membership. Regular meetings of the Activities Committee are held in the Cork office. If you would like to start coming to activity meetings Contact Us. There is an annual membership fee of €5.

Friends of Africa Direct

If you don’t have much time to participate but would still get involved then apply to be our Friend below. As a Friend you will receive our newsletter and event emails, letting you know the latest on what is happening and will be happening with Africa Direct and our partners. You can Donate Some Time to help out with our events, attend our events or offer to hold your own fundraising event, help us publicise our events or make a regular donation.