Welcome To Africa Direct

We are an Irish Cork-based charity fundraising to support projects for people living in poverty in Africa. We are run by a membership of volunteers open to anyone to bring their own skills, ideas and backgrounds, and We are a fully voluntary organisation committed to getting the maximum funds raised ‘direct’ to our partner’s projects.

In Ireland we are organised as an association with a membership of volunteers which is managed by an Executive Committee, elected by our membership. We are a registered charity with the Irish government. In Africa we are partnered with a number of organisations, missionaries and non-governmental organisations, whose projects we fund.

Africa Direct’s mission is to alleviate poverty in Africa. Our approach is to work with Africans to tackle poverty in their own home areas. We do this through supporting, funding and listening to our African partners.



How your money is used

In a charity organisation there are two main costs: costs of administration and costs of fundraising.

Since we are a voluntary run organisation our administration costs are kept to between 3-4%. There are no paid salaries. We work from our home offices.

Our fundraising costs are kept to a minimum. They vary depending on the type of fundraiser for example the Cork Harbour Cycle is one of our biggest fundraisers with costs of 3% to 4%. We ran a trek to Ethiopia in 2014 where everybody paid their own way so again costs were very low, under 3%. Travel expenses of volunteers should not be more than 50% of their fundraising and usually volunteers will end up raising far more, bringing 70% of funds raised directly to the project.

Overall between 90-95% of money raised through Africa Direct goes directly to our partners’ projects.

Data Protection Policy

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